The Preserve at Turnbull Bay is on the Exempt List and will continue to be open during the Safer at Home Executive Order

The Preserve at Turnbull Bay is on the Exempt List and will continue to be open during the Safer at Home Executive Order

We will continue to keep the golf course open as long as we deem it safe for our customers and staff. We will continue to update you if things change. Some changes have occured since the last update. Below is a list to help us and you stay safe during these times.

5th Course Update – Thursday, April 2nd, 2020

Golf is considered an essential recreational activity, as long as proper social distancing is maintained. We will continue to stay open during this time with changes to comply with CDC and State Regulations. 

Course Changes: 4/2/20

Pro Shop – Only one foursome group allowed in shop at a time. 

Paying for Golf – Can still pay the old fashion way, but have implemented other options. Purchase rounds online, pay over the phone, Purchase Club Credit or Gift Cards on our website, or put your credit card on your profile (secure and safe). With those options we can minimize contact or not even come into the pro shop. 

Carts – We will do are best in limiting one cart per golfer but we only have so many carts. If you ride together in the same car then we ask that you please take a cart together. We still request that you please throw away your trash in the cart when you finish. 

Groups – We are no longer booking shotgun groups during this time. Groups can play regular tee times and can be discussed with group leaders when booking (restrictions on group size will apply due to carts).

Below is the details of the executive order from Gov. DeSantis

Essential Activities under the EO includes in Section 3 A. ii :

Participating in recreational activities (consistent with social distancing guidelines) such as walking, biking, hiking, fishing, hunting, running, or swimming; and…

Accordingly, and as confirmed by the Governor’s Office, golf is considered a recreational activity under the clause of “such as” for the purpose of this order.  

Please note that it is impractical for the legislature or the Governor’s Office to name with exact specificity, every conceivable, acceptable recreational activity that people engage in. Accordingly, they utilized the phrase “such as”.

Some counties in Florida have specified that golf courses in their county are closed and these county orders should be followed.

When playing or practicing golf during the Coronavirus crisis, players should follow all suggested social distancing guidelines.

For the full text of the Governor’s Executive Order, please see: