The Preserve Needs Your Help. Do these people look familiar???

The Preserve at Turnbull Bay is asking for you help in identifying these people in the three videos. The NSB Police is requesting you assistance if you have any information on who these individuals may be. The Preserve at Turnbull Bay will give anyone with information that leads the police to these individuals with an award of free golf rounds. Reward will only be given if it can be used to identify the couple in black and white (bottom video) and the individual (top 2 videos) in the red/blue plaid shirt.  They may be targeting golf courses and golfers in the area.

Please contact the NSB Police Department if you know or recognize the couple and/or the individual in the red & blue plaid shirt in these videos.

Individual stole an Odyssey Putter from the Pro Shop


This couple tried to break into a vehicle, while the golfer was playing golf but got caught and escaped in a black SUV.



Always be on the lookout for suspicious individuals as crimes can happen when you least suspect it.


Thank You

The Preserve Owners